Fremmand means stranger in Faroese referring to the themes in a lot of the songs, based on the feeling of alienation as well as themes of loneliness and isolation. Lyrically the songs are both in Faroese and English.

The music is exploring the tension between dreams and desperation, and draws a line to early goth and post punk, but is also forward looking. Fremmand is fronted by the charismatic lead singer Jana Hjalgrimsdóttir, who with her all-in attitude is like the volcano Vesuvius erupting.

Fremmand’s self-titled debut album released in 2018, is synth driven with references to early 80’s New Wave. Five singles have been released from the album, all gaining radio airplay. The song “Í Sprekkunum” has become a new Faroese anthem and is a live favorite to the fans. Sprekkunum means cracks in Faroese, and the song is about wanting to hide in the cracks.
The song “A Matter of Time” is made in collaboration with Euan Dickinson from Massive Attack, who has added character to the track with his signature Modular synths, tracked in the Massive Attack studio in Bristol.

Since the release of the debut, the band has molded their sound into their own unique blend of nordic indierock and has now a more guitar driven sound, opposed to the synth oriented debut album.

Fremmand was founded in 2017 by Jana Hjalgrimsdottir and Tobias Weltzer and started out as a New wave inspired band with no guitar player at the time. In 2019 guitar player Sigmund Zachariassen joined the band. Sigmund comes from a background in punk music as part of the vegan homo punk band Joe & The Shitboys, and has added grid and attitude to Fremmand’s sound. In early 2020 Tinna Tótudottir joined the band as the new bassplayer. Tinna comes from a background in various Faroese bands.

Fremmands lead singer Jana Hjalgrimsdottir started out singing in the grunge band Mary Gold and has been involved in numerous band projects in the flourishing music scene at the Faroe Islands. Drummer Tobias Weltzer, who is also the producer and programmer for the band, is located in Aarhus Denmark. Tobias comes from a broad background in music and has released 3 albums with Prince bassplayer Ida Nielsen with Indigo Sun.

Over the years, Fremmand has grown a close relationship with the american alternative rock trio, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. That has led to touring with BRMC in both Germany and Denmark.
Singer and guitar player Peter Hayes has joined Fremmand on stage at several shows, for the song “Holding on to Love”. A song from the debut album that Pete also plays the guitar on.

For the past year Fremmand has been busy tracking songs for a new album, that will feature guitarists Carlos Alomar (Bowie) and Richard Fortus (Guns & Roses), as well as scoring producer Jason LaRocca and electronic artist Null+Void.

The producer Michael Patterson, working out of his studio “The Pleasuredome” in Los Angeles, is producing Fremmand’s second album. Micheal has worked with a huge variety of artists, such as NIN, Beck and Jay-Z. With his skillset, he helps defining the new sound of Fremmand.
The album will be released September 4th 2020, on Tutl Records.

“Legendary Lover” is the title of the first single from the album. It’s a song made as a duet with Peter Hayes (BRMC), who has written the lyrics for the song, which he describes: “Legendary Lover is about all the things you’re ignorant about, and working through ones own misguided attempts of a fix”. It is a guitar driven song with a lot of BRMC vibes, yet catchy and radio friendly.

Fremmand’s line up is Jana Hjalgrimsdóttir on vocals, Tinna Tótudóttir on bass, guitar player Sigmund Zachariassen and drummer Tobias Weltzer, who is also producer for the band.

Fremmand is always trying to push the boundaries, to keep evolving as a band.